Local IT and Security, is a Veteran-Owned & Operated full service IT shop. Our goal is to design, install, and manage the technology demands facing customers today. We proactively manage your vendors and address your technology needs for you; so that you can go back to running your business.

Leave the “Technical Stuff” to the “Technical Folk; It’s what we do best!

If your existing vendor is not living up to your expectations, is costly, or both; we need to sit down and talk. We are highly experienced in conducting non-disruptive vendor takeovers for customers either looking to save money or just not satisfied with their current provider. We have simple, but yet creative solutions for customers looking to opt out of their existing contracts – Just ask us how!

Whether it’s a small job or a big one, we always provide budget-friendly solutions that just make sense. Everyone has heard the phrase “Get ahead of things before they become an issue”, right? Well that’s our motto here for making things happen; as well as to keep things from happening. We believe this simple concept of proactively getting ahead of things is what sets us apart from the competition. If you can agree this motto is a great rule to live by and certainly great advice to give, then why would one not apply this concept to today’s technology demands as well?

We truly believe the power of our company comes from our employees. When happy employees work with happy customers, an unbreakable bond and foundation is made between them. The secret to our success is that we go above and beyond the others to treat our customers and our employees like family.